I'm the prince of all Saiyans,I'm destined to win

Your a being less than Dirt.

Prepare to get hurt.

You are so lame

You even have a girl's name

You know I'm right, Florence


Watch your Tongue

For I have already won

Face it,your second best

I've beaten the rest

Prnce of all Saiyans

I'm the Shadow King

Your victory is just a dream

Here, I rein surpreme.

I'm the ulimate Darkness

Prepare to be put to rest.


Your a joke

That an idiot wrote

Calling me 2nd best?

Your just dust

Atleast I survived my show

You died 3 rows

My dream is immortality

Your just crazy

Shadow King, I knew you were lame

My whole planet ceased to existage

you just lost a village

Your the minorist of minor characters

For you, there is no later

This duel shall be your last

Time for a Final Flash


Not so fast

There is something you don't grasp.

I am a ghost, see

You can't beat me

Crazy, I'm not Marik

Or even a weak Raditz

A minor character, We'll see about that alligator

I was in 5 seasons

Who cares the reason

I came to rein

I came to sire

The end of all things


And immortal

Mines is this fight

you got that right

The shadow shall feast on you for all eternity

Ra shall and will laugh at thee

Fear my power

This is your final hour

The endEdit

Who won

Who's next

You Decide