Let's get this straight, This is an insult to all I hate

Yo, Justin Bieber

Could your fans be any dumber

You have no skill, in music or rap

And you never will, so take a nap

Twilight, your next on this list

You made the epicness of vampires unexist

As a matter of fact, tht never even became bats

You suck and your writer should be hit by a truck

Listen here, Evolution and GT

Your both an embarrassment to Z

I'm not lyin' Were your makers even tryin'

No, I don't think so

Now It's the turn of Lil Wayne

To think he has skill, you must be insane

Jay-Z wrote a song about problems

L Wayne claims to have none of them

Lil should never be compared the great Slim

Ok, Duel Masters and GX

Looks like your next

Masters is a rip-off

GX is just soft

Both are Yu-Gi-Oh insults

That shall die by salt

I never even heard of no Micheal Jackson

That was until he was finished dyin'

Only song of his I know is Thriller

Which was terrible times 10 to the suckier

Lt's hear it for Football

Which should be replaced by Dodgeball

What up, Pokemon

I don't know which is more retarded

you or Digimon

Oh it's you of course, you have Team Rocket

That about does it

Oh sure , there may be more

But you readers would be bored

As fo the rest, I don't give a shit.