Round 1Edit


Yo Hayley,
Your worse than Ivy
your raps suck
I'll hire Two face to run you over with a truck.
Then I will kill him with his coin of luck.

They call me Red Hood
Hope you understood
That I am the best
I'll beat you like the rest.

Jason Todd? Who the hell is that?
They call me Red Hood.

I'm the Heroic Assassin.
I ain't no Robin.
Yo, I'm after you Joker
I'll kill you like T Booker


Who is this guy? I've never even heard of you
Comin' in here sayin' I suck? Yeah, I'd have to murder you
If you wanna fight, we can meet after school
I should warn you that I'll Crash you like Bandicoot
Nah, you don't get no apple juice; you can't rip a flow
I'll take your boyfriend and put him on a stripper pole
Beat me? You didn't even graduate college, though
Kill me? Not a chance when I'm the one who demolish hoes
I'm gonna Crank this bitch like Soulja Boy told 'em
And hand you a lose like we're playin' Texas Hold 'em
Dude, you're just a small meal that I pack in my lunchbox
And all you do for a living is go out and munch cocks
You would never catch up to me, even if you owned cheetahs
I'm one of a kind like Vegeta; I'll kick you in your balls with my Adidas
And I use jujitsu to shit crews
Hover over them like I'm 6'2
To tune out this stupid bitch, I'm meditatin' on some Buddha shit
By the way, your dad should leave your mom 'cause her uterus smells like tuna fish


So you survived Two Face?
I knew He was watse.
You better Run Boo
Now I'm gunning for you.

I know you wanna be Harley
Well guess what Missy
After I kill your puddin
you'll be nothin.

You want to die at the age of Eleven?
Then continue raping against a guy with the AK47.
Your uglier than Grundy
When I'm done You be a zombie.

Your Like Vegeta?
Well I'm Frieza
Your raps have me bored.
Now bow to your lord

Long live the Red Hood. I'm The Heroic Assasin.
I am not no lameo Robin.
I'll beat you like Nightwing.


Look at this queer lame
You should just go jump off an airplane
Your chi is obviously lower than the tune of Lil Wayne
I can't picture you killin; in reality, you're probably rootin' for me like a cheerleader
And if we were to fight, I'd take on you and your whole crew 'cause I'm a beer-breaker
I'll slap you with my right hand
This kid ain't tight, man
Once I spit, you'll get burned and receive a light tan
Your name's Red Hood? No wonder you've gone from good to bad 'Cause your rhymes are the same; yeah, you should be mad
I clearly am better, bro
You need to get on my level, hoe
I'll ground this mofo like I'm your daddy, yo
I spit so much shit 'cause I got a nasty flow
I'll smash your nose 'cause I got the antidote
And eat you up for breakfast; call me a cannibal or Hannibal
You ain't dope, though; and pro flows? I got those
And my style is free like it's straight out of Costco You think you're hard with those weak lines; well, you're just a sad bitch


Listen up Hayley,yo
You raps blow
Now I'm Mad.
I'm not bad
I just dont mind the blood
I'm the Fucking Red Hood

You Cant spit fire
You lier
All you spit is trash
That rap was your last

Your flow is nastier than a fart
Now I'll rip out your heart.

Your raps are free
Because no one would pay any money

More like lamabal
Your a lameo.
I will beat like elmo

You cant compare
your raps have no layer
I'm the watcher
I'll crash your car with a copter

Then I'll slice you up with the blade
I'm like a good Slade
I'aint no deadpool.
Rapping has no rules

Your style
wasn't even wild
You suck,
I don't even need luck

Jason todd?Who the hell is that?
I was the Bat
But now I'm hood again
I win

I'm a killer
I'll assassinate you with my sniper
That's no lie
this is your goodbye.


Rap? You don't even know how to do this shit
I'll nail you to a crucifix
Why are you actin' like the paparazzi?
I'll have you on the go like Tamagotchi
I said my style was free 'cause I did a freestyle
When exactly will your rhymes impress me? It's gonna be a while
Goodbye? Quit lyin' because you've got a shit flow
I'll kick your ass all the way from New York to San Francisco
You've got one thing right, though; you are Slade
Past tense I mean: Slain; you can't beat the Heat like I'm Wade

Keep talkin' shit and your body will be full of gun smoke
As a matter of fact, I can just save shots and stab you with silverware
And ram you in the nuts like I'm a freakin' gorilla or grizzly bear
I don't even give a care
The only hugs you get are the ones from your teddy bear
I'm with the Knicks; my crew's got Jeremy Lin
And your crew? They barely win
I'll have your head bounce like a basketball
After all, I got the faster flow
I can eat your ass up like you were a casserole
But you're a b@stard, though
I'm gonna trample you like a mastodon
You're so stupid that you thought Apple wasn't Macintosh
I'm tellin' you; you're goin' down 'cause you got tragic flaws

Round 2Edit


You ain't a rapper; you're just a losah
You're merely Frieza and I'm Coolah
I'll be breakin' your back like I'm Bane, bruja Make your face more red than it already is... Roja
Like you drank some Corona with Coca Cola
Man, you can't even afford a beverage
You're just a bum who has no leverage
You on crack? 'Cause you seem to be on that
With wack rappers like you, I'm more than ready for combat
Above the level of Marines or the Air Force
Kill you in every possible way and bear no remorse
You can fight me, bite me but I practice tai chi
I'll suck you out and drain you like a lychee
Believe me, I will drop you just like an avalanche
You can't even fight back; you don't even have a battle stance
And your lines need a lots of edits
There... I said it


I am a rapper, you bum
You are scrum
A beam less than dirt
You should run the other way
with your tail in between your skirt.

It is you I will annilate,
before it is are too late
If your Coola,
Then I'm Janemba

I will beat you so badly , to bits
that your clown boyfriend will feel it
I will make you cry,
And you know why
Oh andI prefer sprite,
Get it right
Your the loser
And your boyfriend Joker

You dont know true Combat,
I'm sure of that.
You do tai chi?
Well I do ninjitsu and Karate.

I'm a Assassin
Not any lame Robin
I'm like a ghost, Boo
I'll send tekken Raven after you.

Your all talk
I'll rip you like Hulk

I feed you to Rex
I've beaten you like the rest.


Damn, fool
I'm gonna hit you with a bamboo
You ain't got no fresh rhymes
It's like you tried to steal them from Best Buy
Me? I got dope rhymes like they're coke lines
My flow stings you like scorpions in the desert
I eat cold mofos like you when it's time for dessert
I'm Spidey and you're the Lizard
You can't WoW me unless you were a Blizzard
I bet you drive a Hummer; gay
My rap power level's over five-hundred K
Your lines are so jumbled I can't even find the dumbest sayin'
I could just use one line, Kamehameha, to show you I ain't playin'
But a Saiyan
While you're a baby who has no rappin' skills
Plus, you're so poor that you can only eat capsule pills
You're a baby who just craves for Flintstone vitamins

Against you, I'm like Buzz Lightyear... Above and beyond
When you're wanted dead, it ain't hard to find you 'cause all you wear's neon

See you later in a while, crocodile
Last thing you'll see before I bury you alive will be me rockin' a smile


Your the fool,
you cant even lift bamboo.
At least my lines
Actually rhymes

Mines are art
they should be sold at Wal mart
Yours have us bored
They belong in a dollar store

I'm not Lizard
You Crazard
I'm The Chamelion,
Mixed with Venom

I kill millions of wackos
like you and Bizarro
And that's just for starters
I will never be a quitter

Who needs a blizzard when I've got a firenado
you not even a tornado
you wimp
you'll have a limp
Before this is over
Your a loser

Yeah I'm spoiled,
But your Lava Boiled
Now I'll sayit again
I win
Do you reall want to die at the Age of 11?
Then continue rapping against the guy with an AK47
I got a lame hall
I'll mount your head on the wall

I'll feed the rest of you to my Alligator
For you, later means never

Round 3Edit


Funny how you call me an eleven-year-old
When you can't even spell you're right
You're the same age as the expired milk in your fridge: seven years old
I'll continue to rap and diminish this dude 'til this whore's tight
Wanna hear spoilers? I win at the end of this; I've got foresight
I imagine your imaginary girlfriend calls you papi
But your imaginary dick she sucks is pretty damn sloppy
You're like a fish out of water; floppy
Try as hard as you want but you ain't ever gonna top me
Or stop me; you compared to me is like a bad copy
You will never get on my level
The only thing you're good for is to go get a shovel
And bury yourself and save me the trouble
This isn't even shocking like Pikachu
What are you even saying? This ain't what dope people do
I could own you in English, Spanish and even Hebrew
Can't believe you have the nerve to call yourself Red Hood
When you're just straight up trash; I mean, at least try to get good
You're just a petty criminal and I'm a Hero; I'll take my Guitar
And wack this son of a bitch hard
Out of his senses to reach a consensus
That I'm the best and he's just a geek with some lenses
It's okay if you think you suck now You'll forever be garbage; there's the door, so get the POW out


This ends now,
That ain't no bluff
Two face wasnt enough

You really are worse than Ivy,
At least her plants could fight
You'd lose too Chan Jackie

By the time I'm Through
You will have 10 tons of bullets in you
Guess what Harley Ed?
Your Joker is dead
You're next,
Hell I may just send Red X

Prepare to die at the age of Eleven!!!
Killed by my AK47
It will even kill a zombie
like you, Grundy

I am the rap lord,
Now you have me bored
So die
you lie

I'm Mike Weston
I'll beat you while restin'
Listen honey,
Your raps cost no money

You really are a lameo
You have been beaten worst than Elmo
I'm a good Slade,
I'll beat you with my Blades

You are a bum
No, your scum
A being less than dirt
You better run the other way with your tail in between your skirt

Your the fool,
you cant even lift bamboo.
At least my lines
Actually rhymes

Mines are art
they should be sold at Wal mart
Yours have us bored
They belong in a dollar store

You are a lameabal
I will feed you to my animals

Your done,
I've won
Never again say Hi


don't even know what's goin' on anymore
Just give it up already, homie
I can tell you'll be forever lonely
'Cause you're just so full of hot air
You know what? Keep "rapping"; I do not care
You're about as fake as plastic
And your face has it, but there's still somethin' that you're lackin'
You don't know how to keep it real
If you did, you'd know how it'd feel but you're only for appeal
You ain't cool, goof; should've stayed in school, doof'
Tryin' to seem like you can rap but it's too bad I'm fool-proof
Looking at your rhymes makes me so flattered
I think you're trash; what do you think? Your opinion doesn't matter
Stay with your Hollywood groupies 'cause you're all bunch of actors
I'm with the attackers; who are you tryin' to be?
If you don't believe me, just watch and I'll give you time to see
That I'm hot like summer weather; two hundred and five degrees
And you're just a petty dog; sit tight, bitch, so I can go find a leash

Round 4:Enter LauEdit

Lau The G

Hello, Hayley, you ain't a nice lady
Like the Heat against OKC , you about to get babied
I don't underestimate my enemies, male or female
Ima ruin your career, so you better beware
'Bout to ruin ya reputation, young 'n Haitian
Brooklyn's the place, I run Mill Basin
Step up in my turf, we grab our ace, 'n
POW! POW! POW! POW! Another sucka down, down
Imma myrical , Imma criminal, cuz I'm so lyrical
I'm the captain, so you 'bout to get crunched, like cereal
My mouth's a deadly weapon, you spit like you seven
Once I step up to ya crib, you gonna become spiritual
I'm not tryna be mean, I'm just tryna make a point
With my lyrics, you'll be blown away like a joint
Unlike Two-Face, ya know I get PLENTY of coins
I ain't one to play with, cuz I ain't a boy-toy


You've just entered hell
I wish you the best and well
Spittin' with weak rhymes? You disrespect yourself
Sayin' I ain't nice was a mistake
I'm gonna slice and dice this fake
Ruin my career? Don't give me that bullshit
Keep talkin' smack and you're gonna feel so pissed
And lose focus 'cause it's hopeless; I'll have you swallow my whole fist
You think you're so strong
That nothin' could go wrong
But you don't cover much like your hoe's thong
Just take the L, but you can live with that
You're fake as hell, and like Eminem, I don't give a fack Against this girl? You can't compete, bitch
You stink like feet shit; I'll be exposin' your weakness
Here's my emotion speakin'; I'll leave you in broken pieces
I'm the only victor here; the others? I blow 'em all away
On my way to the finish line and you're just a small delay
They're havin' a sale at Payless; you better call today

Lau The G

Like a clock, you're tickin' me off
Like R-Kelly, you're pissin' me off
Bicth, shut up, eat a dick, eat it all
You're just as annoying as an itch in ma balls
Don't waste my time, you ain't at no finish line
This game just started, you just some compo, it's 'bout time
You said to Red Hood his mom's uterus smells like tuna fish. Why?
That's why I heard that you're sixty-nine
You said I smell like feet, that's how old people should be
Just for that, you 'bout to get a defeat
I'm not losing, this ain't gonna be a repeat
Like ya other opponents, you gonna lose, I hope you know this
My motive is to be the best, defeat all of the rest
Including you, anybody who messes with me is through
I don't take no biz, take no shiz, if you ain't no this
Now ya know, I play no games, so shove it, hoe!


Yo Hayley, I'm back
Your a whack
You are hopeless,
You'll never be the best

Your worst than Ivy,
Your not even Harley
Your just a clown,
Your going down

Murder me?
More like bow to me
I'm like Nova Shenron with the heata'
this is 2 of the best rappers together like Gogeta

I'm Vegeta,
Your just Nappa
I'll beat ya,
Then waste ya

You cant eat me,
You'd choke, see
more like racecars, ya

You may of survived Twoface
But you will lose this rap race

Miss 69,
i will make you whine
You got chances of 11
Then i shoot you with my AK47

Your too old,
To rap
Your just mold,
Take a nap

Get off my rap train,
Your worse than Lil wayne
I'm your cheerleader?
More like your superior

Your pro flow
is worst than a baby's throw
I'm the one spittin' fire
You should just retire

More like lamemile
I'm a genius like Dr.Gero
You are a dumb rapping zero

I'll hire Chuck Finley,
To beat this whiney
The I will have Fi,
Make you go kabloey
I'm Mike Weston,
You need a lesson

I am a rapper, you bum
You are scrum
A beam less than dirt
You should run the other way
with your tail in between your skirt.

You are a fool
Your full of Bull
I dont drive no gay Hummer-like vehicle
I've got a motorcycle
Your done
I think I have won


Two against one? I'll handle you both, kids
And leave you in shambles and chokin'
I can see you're worried, Lau, lookin' up my rhymes
And Red is even worse recyclin' his lines
Y'all are just slim watch belts, waistin' my time
With weak shit like that, you should be facin' a crime
Not at the finish line? Oh no, I stay on track with this Rolex
You're just chasin' me but gettin' nowhere, dog, now go fetch
This biscuit; who made this? Bet a bitch did
You're soft like a rabbit, I'm hard like a turtle; beat you without swiftness
And my age obviously says I love that sex position
While yours indicate how much daily head you're givin'
Wow, Red, this is some sad shit
You ain't no Brad Pitt; just some punk your dad hits
Leave your face red like a crab bit
Shut the hell up and you'll have less problems
'Cause the way I see it, you cause 'em
And I take care of biz with my connections
You best have protection; give me your attention
This shit built tension and you're gonna have detention
And as I smash your ass on a windowpane
I'm gonna remind you that for you, there's no win, no gain
Little boy, sayin' I'm worse than Little WAYNE?
Idiot... Don't you know I have a bigger brain?
I make Drizzy fuckin' Drake look like Little RAIN.

Round 5Edit


repare to pay, Hays
I'll leave you all in a daze
These raps will eat ya
I shall beat ya

Your 69 ritasenior
Just go ahead and retire
That old and still a watcher of cartoons
You couldn't even be a good goon

This flow will hit you like a punchin bag
Your just a old hag
/you can't rap
Take a nap

Beware the hood
Time you understood
That this is a rap war
I'm the chess lord
You are just a bore.

Lau is a G
Your a ---B
He watches Z
Your just GT
He is from Bucktown
Your going down.

2 against 1
More like 2 against none
We are the best
We've delt with the rest.

Hood Red is the King og the Tower
Lau is the Gangster of every corner
You must be going senile
To compete with these Rappers
and try to be te winner

Your 11 chances are up.
Your out of luck
Your done
We won


Yo, bitch, I'm kinda hungry
So you better make me a munchie
As in a sandwich
Capeesh? Or do I have to speak in a ghetto language?
You two are way overdue
I'll slay both of you
There, I said it
If you don't obey like dogs, you'll need paramedics
Your rhymes make me drowsy that I need Starbucks
I can tell this pussy gets more dick than when a porn star fucks

These two are hoes; I'll eat each of you
I'll deliver your fall with Domino's like I'm the pizza dude
Your shit ain't gettin' nobody hot like when a hottie's strippin'
While I toss flames all around like I'm Scotty Pippen
You goths are trippin'
Probably 'cause you've experienced weight gain
So you wanna fight me but my punches are heavier than a freight train
Choosing me as your contender was a stupid mistake
I got more verses in my wallet than the food on your plate
You're just actors and I'm the director who will Super your 8

Inside of me, Tekken's on
So you better grab your weapon, homes
And since nobody listens to you, also invest in megaphones
I can crack your heads apart with just some ninja stars
And then fit both of your tiny brains on one Christmas card
If you don't trust me, best believe I'd knock your tooth
You think you're so "hood" but you're just prostitutes
Talk more shit and I'm gonna have to stab an artery
You ain't as hard as me
Get some better shit from the armory before you start with me

You say you'd beat me but damn, you're such a bad liar
I'd thrust a katana into you and you'll be "hornier" than Quagmire
You'll stay losing 'cause I'm the rap Hulk Hogan
I'm always inside your mind like a fuckin' trojan
No regrets and I won't undo shit
Why would I when I'm bustin' you like a Kung Fu hit?
And it doesn't even matter where you are, the east or west coast
The outcome is the same; you'll be burnt just like French toast.


Come on, give me a challenge
you must be dense
To fight me
With those weak rhymeys, just stop limey

I'm no liar, Miss 69
you should just retire and whine
Face it, Hayley
Your no Harley
Your to old to be a clown
your going hella down

The rap Hogan, no way you can win
You are just borris, I'm like Chuck Norris
My fists make your car seem slow
I will kill you wth my bow

Tekken? Could you be lamer
Didn't they lose to Street Fighter?
I'm a rap Vader
Your not even Skywalker

Screw that loser Lau
I can beat you on my own,grandma
Game Over
For you, hater

Your style is down the drain
I can beat you and lil wayne

I'm the real style Red Hood
This war I thought you understood
Lameos like you
Get scared just by a "Boo"

You should be a Tom
you have just been bombed
Consider yourself maimed
To think of beating me
you must be insane

It's really a shame
Why am I even fighting someone so lame
You know what
Of course not mutt
Hasta la vista
Like the Terminator told ya


Once again, you're not hood; that's just your avatar
I'm a champ while you're just a weakling at the salad bar
Whatever you say doesn't change the fact that you're wack
'Cause Word, I work for Microsoft and you don't know the format
Once I slaughter you, your blood will drench the floor mat
And then I'll take a picture as a souvenir with my Kodak
Oh "snap"
You're a hated pussy 'cause no one's "into you"
You have to hustle for pennies 'cause you can't score an interview
Kids like yourself these days are supposed to be in middle school
Is that a bell I hear? You got schooled and "outclassed" like I'm your principal
I'll make you go to sleep permanently like you're at the bottom of a swimmin' pool
And once you have drowned, I'm gonna close this shit down
And people can say I beat this bitch and call me Chris Brown

Enigma Ladies, please step aside
You ain't got skill and you ain't got pride
Those raps you make? Simply terrible
Honestly, at least make something memorable
I'm just standing over here,
watching as things go in the shape of a pear
Your rap is crap; get outta here
Leave it to me to bust some rhymes,
I'll have you all appear like mimes
So quieten down; let the master talk
And I'll open this bottle with a screw like a cork
Then it'll be time to celebrate
In case you are wondering,
that means bring along yo' date
Unless you ain't got one 'cause with you no one wants to mate


Who you callin lady
I shall make you sorry
Your the one yellin "Riddle me This Riddle me That"
Your so lame that you say youy plans for the Bat
I will show you how a real rapper handles a situation
I will beat you so bad they'll feel it in the next generation

Don't mess with me
Jason Todd has hit the scene
I don't rap fair
Not against you teddy bears

Mass killing's my idea for fun
I think your all about to be done
All you are less than my startings in Poker
Deadjunk sucks,Nigma's done, Hayley is a joker

You can't even beat a G
Don't mess with me
I'm like Scar the lion
Your all just the lands

Hood is back
Your all wack
My skill extreme
My rhymin surpreme
My style will explode your team

Compared to me mate
Your all second rate
This is about done
I am sure to of won


Man, don't make me bust out a switchblade
You're done? Thank goodness; you can now go back to fifth grade
RedHood and Scarred Side are fake rappers; I eat 'em like Big Macs
As a matter of fact, you both are nothin' but tinyass Tic Tacs
While I stay piercin' you like I'm givin' you a belly ring
Your rhymes are corny as hell and have no flavor like a jelly bean
Got nothin' to show for, so get the hell off the runway
Before I serve you cold revenge like a Häagen-Dazs sundae

Or maybe some chicken teriyaki
You sound so very cocky
But you ain't all that
You're about to fall back
'Cause I can do this with my eyes closed
And people be chantin' my name like I'm Mike Jones

I keep it ol' school
Your parents should've sold you
You'll never beat me 'cause you're Krillin and I'm Goku
Your fans will be elsewhere while mine are in the front row
Just quit rappin' or I'll smoke you like a blunt row
Don't even dare hop on stage
'Cause you're not even a rapper; you're a fakeass Dr. Dre
If this were a presidential debate, you'd be John McCain
"What's Gucci?"
You're just a noobie
If this were martial arts, I'd be Bruce Lee


I'm talking about you, Jason Todd
Don't challenge me; I'm the rapping God
Cap'n Caveman's got more class than you,
And when he's got more class, you know you're screwed

Come on people, seriously,
I'm the crowned prince of puzzles; look at me!
I'm above you all, can't you see?

Compared to I, you have no chance
Not in rapping; not even in formal dance
Your raps are lame, they're all the same,
Are you sure you know how to play this game?

Though I do, as I said
I'm the prince o' puzzles; got the brains of the feds
You were just Robin; the second one, in fact
Then you were blown up; turned into Batman's artifact

That's not a whole lot to brag about,
Even considerin' you're just a high school dropout

Now, allow me to set the scene:
You come home from work and your apartment's clean
Though not for long, as behind the screen,
Is waiting a man who's wearing green
And, unlike you, this guy plays mean

So, he'll pop out and mess you up,
Like your teeth after a chupa chup


Your Mean,more like a annoying Lamey
Even in city, you hid behind 400 trophies
That's what wrong with you, You do anything to be infamous
You changed your name from Nashton to Nigma
Should of been Mr.Lameness

I got blown up and lively returned
1000 punches you have earned
Even after the dumb 60s
You were still Forever lamely

I have a very hard riddle for you
What's green and eternally doomed
Why of course it's you
Your riddles are always incredibly easy
Even Sherlock calls them elementary

You actually found out Bat's identity
But then forgot it and went crazy

Now alow me to tell you all a real tale
One too violent for the comics to revale

In our first meeting
While he was eating
I poisoned and broke with crowbar the unfunny Joker
I then tortured and glady killed him with a gun hammer

Everyday I kill drug dealers
You all are rapping beggers
I'm a living legend I'll make you see
Most gangs freak out from the thought of me

You all know the deal
I shall and will prevail


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