This page has mild to severe language. You've been warned.

Rap Battle #2 is the 2nd rap battle in the Rap Battle Series. The opponents are:

Mike: Young, full of energy. Expressive rapper. He can really get a crowd pumped up! Also known to be very short.

Deejay: Ill, has perfect flow. Drops rhymes perfectly on a beat!

Rap BattleEdit

Coming soon!

Round 1Edit


Ill flow, chill yo, when you stepping to me.

Matter of fact, a little ant can't step to a beast

After this, all your fans will start reppin to me

In this rap game, you know that I'm the best with this heat


Wait, who let this guy on the stage?

You're only up here 'cuz you got bad grades!

You got no flow, and you got an ugly hoe

Mess wit' me, I'll put more of ya n****s to death than Death Row!

Round 2Edit