This page has mild to severe language. You've been warned.

Rap Battle #1 is the 1st Rap Battle in the Rap Battle Series. The opponents are:

Shiela: Expert on internal rhymes. She could fit words into sentences crazy well!

Brian: Insane rhyme scheme. It's unbelievable how he can change up the way he changes up his rhyme scheme!

Rap BattleEdit

Round 1Edit


Your hair matches with your nails, girl you so ratchet

When battling me, you better not be slacking

When n***** f*** with me, skulls be cracking

You look like a boy, so your boyfriend's a faggot


I may look like a tom, but at least I don't go out with my mom

It takes a real lyricist to destroy somebody with a song

Well destroying YOU won't take long, am I wrong???

I need witnesses so I brought my crew along


I'm a murderer, so I'm killing this beat

Like Sushi, I'm so f*****g raw!

My rhymes is hot, I know you feeling the heat

My rhyme scheme got no flaws!


Don't you know I'm ballin, shot callin???

Mess wit me, and fists will be brawlin

I got the impossible flow, I'm an unstoppable foe

Slow ya role before you get kicked in the abdominal, hoe!

Round 2Edit


My rhyme scheme ain't simple

I'll pop your body guard's face like a pimple

I put holes in him like dimples

I put fire on this beat like Kindle


You say you got fire, but you a liar

Just cause I'm a girl, don't mean I can't pop you like tires

I got time on my hands, to drop rhymes for the fans

You so broke, you only got 9 quarters, man


$2.25? I got more than that

Like maracas, I make everybody raddle

You just a wanna-be Lil Kim, why don't you skidaddle?

You just a whore that's flat


2 25? Wow, I didn't know you could count

When it comes to the crowd, only my name they shout

They scream it loud, I'll make you say "ow"

When I make a fist and I go ka-pow!