This is a song by Lau the G as a diss track reply to a person named Dylan/Prodigy/Alpha Wolf.
Never by Lau the G (Dylan Diss)

Never by Lau the G (Dylan Diss)


[Verse 1]Edit

This is the very first diss track that I ever wrote

but I spit bars so you might just get severed, tho

Remember, yo, you not on my knee level, bro

Can this song kill you? Yeah, well you never know

Listen, Dylan, Prodigy, Wolf, whatever you wanna be called

I'm yo father, you the son of me, dawg

You're whack, you're bad, you're crap, you're trash

Why you think I'm always bored when you're spittin your raps?

This is my crew, don't try to take control of it

You won't even get ahold of it for two seconds, you know it, witch

You talk so much trash, you must be a garbage man

Your rhymes just stink, it's like they just farted, man

Listen to this flow, ain't it just ridiculous?

And I don't even have to use language that's vigorous

You know this rap's insane, yeah you better heard

Think I'm killing you now? It gets worse it the second verse

[Verse 2]Edit

You ain't no prodigy, I ain't give no apology

I'm going animals and this ain't even no zoology

Crazy on the mic and I don't even need psychology

You think you nice? You're more ass than a colonoscopy!

You got cocky since you came into Raw Rap

But you ain't all that so you better just fall back

If rap was like Kung-Fu, then my belt would be all black

This might make you leave, but I know that you will crawl back

If you had a career, I would end ya career

I'm a lyrical killa, I'm bringing all ya fears

I ain't put you here, you invited yaself into the party

I bet you sweating, and you ain't even pop a molly

I don't care if you leave, don't try to take my crew

Tryna mess with me? You will lyrically die you

idiot. You think that you a Prodigy?

Doesn't matter cuz you can't step to Lau the G.