Yo, it's funny

How they claim it's easy

To write a good story

Especially when it is already started like with DBZ

If that's true, then explain mines

All them combinedis still worse than GT

I may be alright when it comes to rhymes

But my Fanfiction has a different history

First up was Fusion

1st response was good so when it turned bad caused confusion

They hated it and treated me like a dummy

It was like they all yelled in usion

"We hate you and your story"

After that was 2.0

Me merging movies with show

First attempt at altering show history

But they still hated it,Yo

They still disliked my stories

But I continued it

Atleast until that Template

I couldn't stand no more hatred and shit

So I blew my lid

Yes I did

I found the user who placed the template

I told everyone he was a idiot

For 6 months, I was banned for it

But I still returned, with stories of bad

Then my luck  changed lad

When I made a fic called Dragonball V

Second attempt ay changing  history

Response positive? Well, mostly

Not a great work of fiction

And I'm still far from number 1

But it's nice to have some appreciation

And a single good fic is better than none

I'm not quitting as a writer, but this rap's over

Hope you enjoyed it, Yo