Remix of Lord Knows by Drake(ft. Rick Ross)


It's your worst nightmare

It's my first night here

And that girl right there

She knows what she knows

So if she go to the bathroom

I'm looking through her phone

Lord Knows

That I'm the dopest MC

I walk up by the building

Thugs hiding inside

Tryin to kill me

But I'm straight G

Cut you with a house key

Than pull out a metal cleet

and I'll start to beat

Give your face three stripes

Like Adid


Shut up bruh

Me n' my crew

Do it big

Lambo, no roof,

Vodka, no juice,

Straight up, like a Russian

You see me, I'm stuntin,

Kill you in your kitchen,

On the counter

Leave your blood drippin

I'm still sippin

Hold up, fuzz here,

/snap/, put my clip in,

Lord knows