Arkham Rap by SS11Bakura RapBatman VS Wolverine Rap Battle
Bieber DissBucktown by Lau the GDeadly City by SS11
Doctor Who VS Riddler HHF Rap Battle Number 3EminemHip-Hop Rhyme Book (Rules)
Hip Hop Fanon WikiIll Mind of SuzonInkredible Freestyle by Lau the G
Lau the G FreestyleLau the G and Kid Real RapLord Knows Remix by Suzon
My Fanfiction Rap by SS11Never by Lau the G (Dylan Diss)Rap Battle Series
Rap Battle Series: Number 1Rap Battle Series: Number 2Rap Battle Tournament
RasklRedHoodisrobin VS Hayley: Epic RapRed Hood Rap
SignersThe Diss Rap by SS11The Fame Game
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File:Bucktown by Lau the GFile:Contest Board.jpgFile:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)
File:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)-0File:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)-1File:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)-1418771607
File:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)-1418771611File:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)-1418771612File:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)-1418771762
File:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)-2File:DFWM ft Jonny Royal (Produced by tunnA Beatz)-3File:Download (6).jpg
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File:Inkredible Freestyle by Lau the GFile:Lau the G FreestyleFile:Lau the G and Kid Real Rap
File:Lau the G and Kid Real Rap-0File:Mms072002 0.pngFile:Never by Lau the G (Dylan Diss)
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