Omane Leahhi, also known Lil AK, is a rapper born in Miami, Florida. He raised to fame on January 2, 2017, with his hit song "Gucci is Dope!"

Early Life Edit

Leahhi was born and raised in Miami. When he was 7, he started listening to Rap music. He dreamed of becoming a rapper. When he was 14, he dropped out of High School to begin his rap career, he started uploading music to soundcloud. In late 2016, he uploaded his first single, Gucci is Dope. Gucci is Dope went viral on Soundcloud and he became one of the most popular soundcloud rappers.

Discography Edit

Singles Edit

  • Gucci is Dope (2017)
  • AK-47 (2017)
  • Tako Mako (2017)
  • Gucci is Dope remix (ft. Lil Pump) (2018)

Albums Edit

  • AK lifestyle (2017)
  • AK lifestyle remix (2017)
  • New Album (TBD)