This rap is made by Lau the G and a friend, Kid Real. The instrumental is Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day". This song is one of the future songs they will be working on together. The two are starting an independent record label together called Raw Rap Records.
Lau the G and Kid Real Rap-0

Lau the G and Kid Real Rap-0

The video


[Verse 1]Edit

Lau the G:

My skills are opening many many doors like I'm a doorman

I haven't reached my prime, my skills are still dormant

I got radical mathematical statical rapping, tho

And I could twist my rhymes into incredible contortions

I'm spittin, I'm killing I'm feeling like I'm the realest, the illest

Up in this whole rap game, you playin this game or that game?

When it comes to rhymes, you know I got mad game

I got that precision like I'm from Mission Impossible

I am unstoppable, you think you better than me?

Please, ju-ju-ju-just stop it, yo

I be spittin these rhymes until the end of my time

Me and rap go together like lemon and lime

Please, do you really think you spittin rap?

You spittin crap, go get some toilet paper for that!

[Verse 2]Edit

Kid Real:

The pain that I have is an untold mystery

Get out my face before I diss you with a history

This path that I have so hard it's never fun

These probems that I have are on my back they weigh a ton

I fell right on my back I'm like a fallen soldier

Can't even think about givin up Drake it's never over

I'm feeling lonely no life at all I'm spittin bars

If I ever grow up I'll buy and drive a foreign car

Lucky to have life thinkin bout my rap career

but even if I make it then I'm thinkin bout my fears

I wanna feel love but all I'm feelin is just hate

If it gets up in my way then it ruins all my fate

Shady animals for like but I better pass school

If I don't succeed then Imma be feelin like a fool

No one's hatin me at all it's just the things that I have done

But I'm cleanin it all up then Imma be #1