Lau the G Freestyle

Lau the G Freestyle

Lau the G Freestyle

Lau the G Freestyle is a freestyle by Lau the G. This beat was made by a friend. It can be found on youtube in this link.


[Verse 1]Edit

My name is Laurent, A.K.A. Lau the G

Or call me G Lau, and don't mess with me

Or else I'm gonna hit you with a 1, 2, 3

And going out there, looking for all of your teeth

Got this beat from my man Ahkel

We got you on lock feelin' like you in a cell

These thugs out here'll make ya life a livin' Hell

They'll have you resting, with the ring of the church bell

[Verse 2]Edit

You know I'm lookin' fly, rockin' muy new mohawk

I'm spittin' hot rhymes, you know they got no flaws

G's wear cold ice, that are bigger than a stone or rock

Don't waste my time, you think you better than me, hell no, dawg.

I'm Catholic, so I'm kinda spiritual

So I guess you can say that I believe in myricals

So it's a myrical, that I've become so freakin' lyrical.

Mess wit me, and you'll feel pain, I'm talking 'bout physical!

[Verse 3]Edit

I've commited a crime, I've killed so many rhymes

I listen to REAL rap, like Wu and Tribe

So go ahead, gimme a like and subscribe

Well, I'm outta here, peace, deuces, good-bye!