Inkredible Freestyle is a rap song by Lau the G. This song uses the beat of Inkredible by Trae. It can be found in youtube on this link.

Inkredible Freestyle by Lau the G

Inkredible Freestyle by Lau the G

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[Verse 1]Edit

When I go to the barbershop, I get a fresh haircut

The alcohol burns my head but I don't even care, bub!

I gotta look fresh, fresh for da ladies

Throw whatever you want at me, man, it on't phase me!

Take it from Meek Mill, you know Imma Boss

Ya rhymes is dead, who da cause? I'm da cause

I got bars, hairline sharp, my rhymes got no flaws

One day I'll be rich, you'll be thinking I won the lotto, dawg!

UH! I'm coming straight from the classroom

Ain't even gotta ask you, dat you is past due

Oh yeah! Don't you know I'm brand new?

Fresh from the package, shipped by that avenue

You better recognize swagg bigger than a bear

Don't you know I'm makin these haters scared, with no care?

Open a book, watch TV, my name is everywhere

Matter of fact, I'm done with these rhymes, I'm outta here!