Emipac A.K.A Pacinem A.K.A 2Ems A.K.A SpaghettiThaDon is a west coast rapper born to Tupac Shakur and Eminem Shakur on August 9th, 1993. He is a lvl 69 rapper who has begun the revolution of rapping, inspired many soundcloud rappers, and since birth he was carefully mentored and taught by master rapper and extreme music legend Lil Pump.


Over the years, Emipac hasn’t made much beefs with anyone, unlike his parents. However, he has been known to have been envied by Logic for being triracial, as his race consists of black, white, and also 0.00001% latino. Logic called shots to Emipac on twitter, quoted as saying, “yeh u might be triracial but I bet ur BISEXUAL”, to which Emipac replied with, “no u”. Logic was never heard from again, as his career quickly dwindled after this tweet was posted.


Emipac has released many major hit singles, such as “why yo diaper soggy” and “yo mom get the pp last night”, as well as many others in the past. The titles of these songs alone are why he is considered by many to be the most savage rapper of our generation to date. Many believe this is because of Lil Pump’s influence on Emipac’s career, and that is pretty much the case, as Emi confirmed in an interview, “my boi Lil Pump saved me all the pussy in the world”, implying that Lil Pump is saving all the pussy, or clout in this context, for Emipac.