Round 1Edit

Doctor Who:Edit

I am an EPIC time traveling Doctor

Your the annoying Riddler

After this, you'll flee the universe

All time is my turf

I saw the Big Bang

You are freakin insane

I have defeated The Daleks

Now I will put a end to Riddler the smart aleck


Doctor Who? I'll tell you who

A fake bastard who's gonna lose

My rhymes are big, compared to mine, they're little

Tell me this, do you understand this riddle?

Who's a fake doctor who thinks he can rhyme?

Whose rhymes aren't even worth a damn dime?

Yours, your rhymes make me bored

They make me snore, cut you up with my cane sword

Doctor Who:Edit

You aren't worthy to learn my name

It's quite a shame

Could you be more insane?

You don't stand a chance at winning this game

I'm the oncoming storm

You belong in Death's Dorm

Your a grade A hider, with the Bat as your seeker

But you'll lose to this time traveling Doctor


Just like my name says, I'm always riddling

I will never be illiterate, I'll make you go through rigorous

Pain, I can't be tamed, you will be slain

I'll bruise you up and have your face darker than licorice

You are so dumb, you can't solve a simple riddle

My rhymes make ya boned twiddle, just sit, yo

You travel time? Well I spread fear around Gotham

You see my riddles? They're so freaking awesome

Round 2Edit

Doctor Who:Edit

You act so strong

You can't be more wrong

You're really quite weak

with a future that is bleak

I should know

You'll on death row

/i have 13 lives

Your mentality will never survive


13 lives? You rap like you're 13-years-old

My rhymes just flow like a creak, yo

You can't stop this wordplay, you'll cream like a girl, kay?

I won't let you see your next birthday

I'm Riddler, the rhyme killer

I'm so beast, man, I'm iller

You must be crazy if you think you can phase me

You can't play me even if you play me, have your vision hazy

Doctor Who:Edit

Unlike you, I have class

I've been to the future and past

You think your so smart

But the truth is?

Your so dumb

That it's madness

Who purposely leaves clues to his crimes?

And now you think you can really rhyme?

Just stop

And let this storm stand on top


Class? You aren't in my class, bitch

I'll wipe your blood off my glasses after I turn you to ashes

You're just a failure who always crashes

I'm bashing and smashing and lashing this rapping

What is going on as I drop this lyrical bomb?

As I'm spitting this song, something must be wrong

Who said you were nice? You are straight trash

I'll beat you so bad it'll be called "The Great Bash"

Who won?

Who's next?

You decide!