You think Bucktown is bad?

You got it all wrong, lad

This place is so deadly

That place looks friendly

Place full of killers

Everyone's a death dealer

It's really quite ashame

Call one person lame

And you'll be dyin from pain

Fear this city, It is deadly

Come here and you best be killer ready

Wrong move and it gets bloodly

Infested with a ton of ghosts

Be careful or your toast

I know what I'm talkin about

So just listen and get out


Beware Deadly City, worse than hell (5 times)

Verse 2

Bodies on the ground

In blood you'll drown

This city is worse than Twilight

Here there is always dust to bite

Stabbers are forever killin

There is no safe haven

Below gound you'll soon be restin


Beware Deadly City, worse than hell (5 times)

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