Bucktown, is a song by Lau the G. This song uses the beat of Bucktown by Smiff-n-Wessun. It can be found on youtube in this link..
Bucktown by Lau the G

Bucktown by Lau the G

The video of Bucktown


[Verse 1]Edit

Master of Disatser like a Russian blaster

Blooming like a China aster, have ya name on the newscaster

Final prayers from the pastor, put you on the platter, it doesn't matter

Who you is, I got the back up, call it data

I may be a kid, but I don't play, no way, okay?

Street life is hard, don't play no games.

Black on black murder, thugs feel no shame no pain

For the ones they killed you might think I'm lame

But I'm telling the truth, maybe you can't handle the truth

For the ones who understand, you deserve a salute

But you think you a ganster, following ya rules?

You could die, too, drowning in ya own blood, too

They're not playin, do you know what I'm sayin?

They could come for you next, so you better be prayin

One wrong move, and ya dead body could be layin

Don't joke around...cuz this is


Bucktown! Home of the original gun clappers (8x)

[Verse 2]Edit

Hoodlums run around Bucktown with the 9-round

Strapped to the gap weighing 'bout 10 pounds

One bullet could have you dead on the ground

Each gunshot has a powerful sound

The sound of ya death could be ya last breath

They is food out here being cooked by the chefs

You following the thug life, you high off that drug life

But you gonna get shot or get bagged by the feds

Trust me, don't care if you hate me or love me

Don't joke around, cuz this ain't no Buckstreet

This is Bucktown if you livin then you lucky

They goin have you fried like chicken from Kentucky

You think you a gansta, but you better sit down

Cuz the REAL gangs out here, they ain't playin around

You better wrekognize that this is Bucktown

But nevermind me, take it from Smiff-n-Wessen!


Bucktown! Home of the original gun clappers (8x)