I'm not sorry

Justin, don't worry

I won't offend you

I'll fuckin' insult you

Will the real Bieber please shut up

Will the real Justin please shut up

Your under rap arrest for real

Reason, you have no skill

Man could you have a worst singing voice

Your normal talking sound must be a better choice

You know what's really a shame,

Is that you didn't earn your your fame

That's right, I know your history

You got famous off of Y-O-U-T-U-B-E

You just sung a Usher song

And He liked you,  That's fuckin wrong

I wish I was Doctor Nine

So, I could rewind & alter time

I'd take your fame

Make your music no longer exist

I'd give it to a better player of this rap game

Like oh I don't know, DENACE!!!

JB, I'll make your blood rain

I know you wont complain,

Cuz, this is true, prepare to be hit by the hate train

Bieber, times up to 15

This is your last second of fame

You might as well join One Direction

And stop your bullshit rap session

You both suck and just have a lot of luck

That's the end of this dis rap

Bieber,  I really think you deserve a dirt nap.