Round 1Edit


When I'm Batman, I'm feared, cuz I'm the Dark Knight

But when I'm Burce Wayne, I make bitches start fights

I make all my dawgs bark loud and bark high

In the day, Imma ladies man but dangerous in the harsh night

I don't need any powers, stopping crime by the hour

These sweet punches will have you feeling sour

Gotham relies on me cuz I'm cool like I hit the showers

I'll beat you 'til you turn to powder like flour


My flow is like my claws

Putting an end to Bat's law

Atleast my films are decent

Via Schumaccer, your fame came and went

To dress like a bat you must be insane

I am better than you even without a membrane

I'm from Marvel

I beat you for real


Yo, bro, that was so lyrically weak, man

You're a mutant, and outcast, I'm loved deeply, man

I have a legacy, my sidekick is Robin

I'm a fighting monster but I don't look like a Goblin

I even have my own signal, I'm so lyrical homie

Justice League crushed X-Men, even Marvel people know me

I've been around for decades, my posters are in rooms and malls

The Dark Knight Rises but Wolverine falls


Yeah, I'm a mutant

Your skill is below decent

I'm a Weapon X super soldier

Don't let the costume fool ya

I may be yellow, but atleast I'm not gay

Don't lie, Robin's your partner that is kidnapped everday

Didn't he get killed by Joker?

Atleast he didn't have to face this death dealer

Rewatch the video

I won, Yo

Round 2Edit


That video was fake, made by some maggots

If you really fought me, you'd whine like a faggot

Yeah, Robin was killed, it got me saddened

But this victory, I won't let you have it

It got me laughing, cuz you think you a soldier

You're just a loner, with no girl, it's over

You're weak with not nice one syllable rhymes

I have the mind of criminals, like I'm from "Criminal Minds"


Fear my claws

They'll end your law

I may have no memory

But you've gone batshit crazy

This will leave you in a daze

Bub, Allow me to be clear

The end of your days

Is now here


Are you kidding me? That was horrible

Saying the same rhymes? They're deplorable

Your little kitty claws? Aw, so adorable

You're so weak, you're so boring, tho

Imma bat that had sex with a cat (Cat Woman wsup)

You're a loser who always faps

You lost, so go back to your gay toys

When Hugh Hefner dies, I will own Playboy


Listen here, Bub

I got your grave

It is dug

So fly back to your cave

And give Robin's corpse one last gay hug

After this, you'll be dead

My claws will be blood red

I'm the Wolverine

Made of metal like a machine

Didn't you here the news?

My son gave yours the permanent snooze

Who won?

Who's next?

You decide!