I am the baddest villain ever, AKA Bakura

So bad and evil like you have no idea

In my first minute I took 5 souls

Then I fought a Pharoh

After that I ripped out a old man's eye

I even smiled as I nearly died

I am a ghost, Fight me and your toast

I am darkness itself, 10x badder than everyone else

Listen here LittleKuriboh, I am not gay

One more joke about it and I'll end your day

Not only can I rhyme, I can even rewind time

So I'll give you Deja Vu and watch you die several times

You can't light up infinite Darkness(4x)

I stole the millenium eye,puzzle, and ring

Soon all 7 items will belong to the Shadow King

A ruthless king burned my village and family

Makin me a right bastard that will end his son badly

I'll travel back 5000 years and end the world

Last thing you'll see is my eyes, as the shadows rise

I was even rborn as the devil's spawn

Every theif is now and forever my pawn

I lasted longer than every other evil doer

You can't light up infinite darkness (8x and screams last one)