Yo, This is my Arkham Experience

These 2 games are intense

First up is the Asylum

Not at all dumb

Main threat is Joker

Hammil not Ledger

Titan is his plan, no suprise for such an insane man

But here to stop him is Batman

First Boss is both strong and insane

It's that venomized backbreaker, Bane

With a major upgrade runnin through his veins

Tryin to cause Bat's some pain for real

But gets hit by the batmobile

Then it's Scarecrow times 3

Using the parents death to drive Wayne batshit crazy

But his fake world don't scare me

Stoppin with light easily

Only game downside is Riddler

Hardest to shut up and ain't even workin for Joker

He is a bore, that can't be ignored

Hiding behind 250 trophies, that's downright cowardly

Then it's Ivy and Harley

Tryin to stop me

Wit plants and electricity

But Bat's put's a hurting on these rude ladies

Next is Croc

Boy is he deadly

Tryin to eat me

But Bombs make him stop

Last is Joker, now Titan-Style

He always make me laugh and smile

He knows he has been beaten,but still tries to win

Have to stop with bombs again

Year later is City, anything but shitty

Get to play as Catwoman, that's a change of pace

But she is weak, so it's kind of a watse

Too bad she wasn't killed by Two-Face

Both Joker and Batman are posioned

This could be their final night,cuz both are dyin

Batman is cured, after stoppin Protcal 10

Sadly, Joker dies in the end

What the hell? Riddler's back? You've got to be kidding me

No  joke, he's even lamer in city

I wouldn't let him watse Bat's time,

But doctor lives are on the line

Trophy count 400, but not 1 hit

He should die, not Joker

Then this perfect game, would be even better

That is my Arkham experience

Fun and very intense